Adrian Theßenvitz was born in Munich in 1996 and began to learn classical guitar at the age of six. He played jazz standards with his father and brother daily and began playing jazz concerts at the age of eight. He also learned flamenco, rock and blues guitar and founded his first rock band in elementary school.

Four years later he was inducted into the National Youth Jazz Orchestra of Bavaria and met Niklas Müller, today’s drummer of Ad Infinitum. 2011, he moved to Leipzig with his family and continued the bigband workshops in Saxony, which gave him access to the local musician scene and numerous groove and jam sessions. At the age of 16, his desire to become a professional musician was strengthened. He fell in love with the sound of Joe Satriani and Yngwie Malmsteen and practiced every guitar technique that exists. Every weekend he played in the pubs of Leipzig with his funk / groove band ‘Soultraders’, earning his money during high school. After school, he attended the Popkurs in Hamburg, took guitar lessons by Germany’s ‘First Call’ studio guitarist Prof. Peter Weihe, took two years of private lessons with Prof. Christian Röver, Prof. Werner Neumann and Martin Miller (Ibanez Signature Artist).

He is currently completing his jazz guitar studies at the music university Cologne in autumn 2019. During the study, numerous contacts were made. He worked with the progressive rock band ‘PINSKI’, the crossover band ‘Barking Bird’, with the folk / pop songwriter Jördis Tielsch and the Cologne singer Paul Köninger, with whom he produces his Metalcore band ‘Schwarzlicht’ and also organizes his own festival evenings. His teachers at the university were Prof. Frank Haunschild and Bruno Müller (Sarah Connor, Chaka Khan, Gloria Gaynor, Udo Jürgens, Lena Meyer-Landruth, Till Brönner, Max Mutzke, etc.). After 10 years, he met Niklas Müller at a ‘Serenity’ concert in Cologne again ..
Shortly thereafter, he joined at the request of Niklas Ad Infinitum.


He woke up in 1350 in Marseille, where the Black Death raged the worst. Knowing that he had to adapt quickly to survive in this society, he volunteered for the military and helped with all sorts of missions. In the cities the conditions were catastrophic. People scourged themselves, to save their fellow men from their sins. Fires were lit in the streets to purify the air from the plague.

Adrian helped to move sick people to quarantine zones, so that the disease does not spread further. After two years, he deserted with the desire to find a place that was not haunted by the Black Death. Disguised as a plague doctor, he wandered north through different countries, earning his life as a mercenary. He hoped that he was not the only one who had traveled through time and set out on the search to find help. After all, this could not be a coincidence..