Born in Montreux, Switzerland on January 23rd, 1993, Melissa started music when she was only 6 years old by singing in a school choir for several years.

When she finished school, she spent most of her free time making music by herself or with some friends and took part in several events in her area, singing on stage, alone or with other musicians, before joining a cover band in 2012. She left the project at the end of the same year to join the Symphonic Folk Metal band Evenmore as lead vocalist, which gave her the opportunity to release her creativity while writing music and the chance to broaden her horizons and perform on great stages before well-known bands such as Lacuna Coil, Eluveitie or Xandria.

Melissa also got the chance to perform as a guest vocalist for other bands and artists such as Serenity, Dragonland and Gus G.

2014: Evenmore released their fist EP called The Beginning

2015: Melissa joined the Trance Metal band Rage of Light as main vocalist.

2016: In February, Rage of Light released its first EP “Chasing a Reflection” . In October the same year, Evenmore released its debut album called Last Ride.

2017: Rage of Light released two singles; a cover of Amon Amarth’s Twilight of the Thunder God and a single called Mechanicals. Melissa also released “Teardrops”, a song created and recorded with her friend and colleague Jonathan Pellet.

2018: After working on the mighty 70000 tons of metal cruise, Melissa travelled around Europe for the Symphonic Metal Nights tour, singing for both Serenity and Evenmore. The same year, Rage Of Light signed with Napalm Records and announced their upcoming debut album. Last but not least, in November, the singer releases the first single of Ad Infinitum called “I Am The Storm”.

2019: Melissa joins Warkings during their live shows, starting with a European tour with Amaranthe and Follow the Cipher followed by many festivals such as Wacken Open Air, Metal On The Hill, Rockharz or Bang Your Head. Beside these epic battles, she also performs with Rage Of Light and Serenity while preparing the album release and the live shows of Ad Infinitum. 

Voice: mezzo-soprano & guttural


At the beginning of her journey through time, Melissa arrived in Switzerland in 1356. The Black Death had been devastating Europe and on the top of that, a terrible earthquake destroyed almost completely the region of Basel. Chaos was everywhere and people were trying to find a way to escape this misery. Any possible way. A small group of people tried to chase away what their misfortune through occult ceremonies. 
The young woman was very curious about those rituals and entered in contact with the man who was hosting them. Perhaps this strange character knew what sent her there. She explained her situation, which didn’t seem to surprise him. He invited her to join their ceremonies and, as he saw a true interest and compregension from her side, he decided to teach her his methods. 

A few months after, a group of politicians heard about these gatherings and sent some soldiers to put an end to it. Everyone had to run away. They never met again.