Born on the 11th March 1995 in Kulmbach, Germany, Niklas started to hit things that looked or sounded like drums since his 4th birthday. Drum lessons started soon after this. He finally got his first drumset in 2002. In 2007 he started to play the guitar because „guitarists are way cooler on stage“. Quote from a 12-year-old. Classic.

Being involved in several jazz/rock/pop projects during school, he discovered his love for metal music. He joined the band Devilizer in 2011, which was a metal cover band at that time. After more projects and finishing school, in 2015 Nik moved to Mannheim and started studying drums at Popakademie Baden-Württemberg, taking drums and guitars lessons from Udo Dahmen, Lui Ludwig, Benny Greb, Annika Nilles, Jost Nickel, Jan Zehrfeld, Michael Koshorreck and many more.

After going back to Franconia in 2016 for some time for a job at a local record label he took guitars lessons from Christian Hermsdörfer. When Christian got the offer to become the guitarist of the german symphonic metal band Beyond the Black, he asked Niklas to become the guitar substitute and crew member/backliner of his other project Serenity. This led to quite a journey, starting with playing the 70.000 tons of Metal cruise in 2017, Magura Wave festival 2017, Rockharz festival 2018, a tour through the United Kingdom and a tour through Europe in 2018.

In 2018 Devilizer (not a cover band anymore) released their debut album „The Obscuring“ Beside the backline jobs with Serenity, he worked as a backliner/guitartec/drumtec with Beyond the Black, Hämatom, Warkings, Kissin’ Dynamite, Fiddler’s Green and others.
After these many gigs as a guitarist, Nik is really keen on playing (or hitting) his main instrument for Ad Infinitum again.


Awakening in Frankfurt am Main 1356, Müller found himself in the middle of the plague hitting the city. His first thought was to help everyone, without knowing the dangers of approaching infected people. He tried his best but still, he failed.

He moved to Hamburg in 1367 and became Dr. Müller hoping to escape the horror of Frankfurt. The same year the disease spread across the city. Motivated by his wish to help people he became a plague doctor again and experimented with anything, trying to find a cure for the disease. The church outlawed his experiments and wanted him dead for not following „the way of God“. Frustrated by this he cut the nose of his plague mask. One night, unkown people set his house on fire to wipe out his „unholy“ way of curing the disease.

Not knowing if he did escape or died in the fire, the church lost interest in hunting him. There are no records of Dr. Müller since then, but somehow the Plague Mask with the cut and burned nose appeared again in 2019.